Nick C. Breckenridge

Father. Husband. Professional.

What I do...

The whole reason I have this website is so I can show you some of the things I can do for you. I'm an educated, trained and HIGHLY experienced "techie". I specialize in home/small office networking, security cameras and web/social media design. I can do pretty much everything. Check out some of my resources below.

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1. Security Cameras - I have installed many, and I can set you up with a high-tech system for just a few hundred bucks.

2. Home/Small Office Networking - I worked for a cable company a few years back. I can install servers, routers, entertainment systems and more!

3. Web/Graphic Design - Well, look at this website for example. I have designed hundreds of sites. I'm also pretty cheap.

4. Top Dasher at DoorDash - I REALLY love my job working as a Dasher. My own hours, good money and I get out of the house!

If you're interested in having me help you with any of these services, please give me a call at 724.714.4962 or send me an e-mail at, or finally you can click an image and it will provide you with more information.

Contact Me

Drop me an e-mail anytime at

Give me a call or send me a text during normal business hours at 724.714.4962

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